Solar & Renewables:

Solar and Battery

There are many benefits to businesses that adopt solar energy, including cost reductions and decreasing the risk of reliance on the grid. But commercial adoption has been slow. 

Green Energy Partners will help cut through the noise by presenting the best possible options for your business so you can make a well-informed and confident decision. We start by rationalising the system design and specifications to ensure all the photovoltaic (PV) system providers deliver quotes that can be reviewed on a like-for like basis.

Our service includes system design, specification and tender outcome reporting. We also provide our clients with monitoring and support for the system to ensure it is working correctly for the life of the system.

Battery Storage Procurement

Battery storage, which is meant for reserving energy for later use like during blackouts or during energy demand peaks, is becoming more affordable and it is especially cost-effective when used in tandem with a solar energy generation system.

Green Energy Partners can evaluate your current PV system and give advice on whether battery storage could be a useful addition to reduce peak energy charges and demand/capacity charges.

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