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Renewable Energy Procurement:


Green Energy Partner’s blend of sustainability and engineering consultancy with asset management and facility advisory provides cost-effective renewable energy solutions to improve your businesses performance and boost your bottom line.

You’ll obtain tailored renewable energy solutions based on your site’s needs and circumstances.
Risk mitigation throughout the whole process – We provide experienced renewables engineering and financial modelling through to procurement, project management and operational monitoring and reporting.

We are not fixed to any particular supplier or contractor – we receive no commissions, removing conflicts of interest – meaning that you get transparent and unbiased information
Our team will review feasible options and scenarios, giving you the recommended solutions to action.

Our engineers will study your site’s specific circumstances to determine the project’s feasibility taking into account important decision criteria such as Compliance, Risk assessment and Environmental impact.

Just like we do in our Energy Procurement process, we go to tender on behalf of our clients to review the system pricing and tariff offers.

Implementing a renewable energy strategy is a big step along your site’s energy roadmap – We recommend that renewables are considered after a full review of the site, including mechanical systems and controls, to ensure a highly efficient building prior to roll out of a new system.

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