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LPG Procurement Service

LPG is an ideal choice for businesses that require heating but are beyond the reach of the mains gas supply. The lower environmental impact of LPG in comparison to electricity and oil makes it a clear choice for all green conscious business owners as it has the lowest carbon emissions of all the rural fuels.


At Green Energy Part we deal with the three main suppliers in the Irish market to ensure that customers get the best deal possible. We are able to offer tailor made LPG contracts to best suit a customer’s needs whether that be a short term fully fixed price or a long term variable contract. We can help customers who use gas cylinders or bulk tanks. LPG can not only be used for heating purposes but is ideal for catering, hot water and cooling purposes and offers a greater security of supply.



  • Widely available
  • Low Carbon Emissions
  • LPG is more cost effective than diesel or electricity
  • There is no risk of spillages with LPG as it vaporises

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