Managed Services:

Reduce your building’s operating costs while improving its efficiency; our energy consultants will guide you to best supplier for your meter type and consumption level.

Bill Checking & Validation:

Green Energy Partners help businesses throughout Ireland with energy bill validation and support.

With up to 4% of all energy bills containing errors it is crucial for business owners to audit and validate energy bills constantly in order to ensure that you are only paying for energy that you have used.

Large multi-site businesses are almost always overpaying for energy with commercial bill errors far too common. When you have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of sites, with meters in various buildings, energy bills get complicated and errors occur.

Invoices are issued late or not at all, and often contain erroneous site, meter, consumption and/or cost information. Inaccurate energy bills can occur for a number of reasons and add up to substantial financial costs.

Our energy bill validation service is the most comprehensive available. It has helped us recover thousands of Euro in aggregate for our customers through detection and bill error resolution.

Landlord Management

Managing a portfolio of buildings, apartments or developments is hard work. Our job is to find you the best gas or electricity tariff. 

We have a wealth of experience dealing with energy contracts for both new build developments and old developments. Prices can vary greatly depending on your location, development and consumption. Our experts will compare prices of electricity and gas for your property management company or development, saving you time do what really matters.

We also work closely with commercial landlords accounts for change of tenancies. With properties often having a high turnover of new and departing occupants, our energy consultants manage the administrative process to ensure a smooth, hassle-free transition.

Home Energy

Compare electricity and gas providers for your home

We understand that switching your energy provider should not involve any unnecessary stress. With Green Energy Partners, switching your energy provider is quick, simple and completely FREE.

We’ll compare prices from our leading panel of Irish energy suppliers and switch you to the most competitive plan.

We’re experts when it comes to helping Irish households get a cheaper deal on their energy, both electricity and gas.

We compare prices and plans from our panel of leading energy suppliers to find deals that can cut the cost of your bills and then we take care of the switch – for free.

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    Kva Capacity Review

    Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) is the upper limit on the total electrical demand you can place on the network system, so it should be high enough to meet the requirements of your business. The network is designed to provide you with an electricity supply that is in accordance with a specified MIC. Essentially, it is the maximum electricity you can draw from the grid at any one moment. MIC is measured in Kilo Volt Amperes (kVa), and for half-hourly metered sites is charged on a monthly basis as a standing charge. Any site with a requirement of 100 kVa should be half-hourly metered.


    Distribution costs make up between 25-30% of overall electricity costs. They are often pass through costs invoiced by your supplier and depend on the location and size of the site as well as the available supply capacity.

    Sometimes when you move into a site, you may be paying for more capacity than you need as this is what was agreed with the previous tenant.
    Green Energy Partners review business KVA needs ensuring the electricity connection arrangements with your distributor are appropriate for your requirements can result in significant cost savings.


    On the other side of the coin is the need to increase your kVa. Companies often make the mistake of purchasing new machinery or equipment without ensuring they have enough available capacity to cover it. Commonly this happens with new air conditioning systems, or factory machinery.

    If you significantly increase the amount of power you draw from the grid you should always make sure your kVa allowance has been arranged in advance with your network operator; or you will most likely be charged excess capacity charges.

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    Speak to one of our energy consultants today on 071 – 9658276 or Request a call back.

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      Large Business Energy

      When dealing with large business energy there’s no one size fits all, most require custom cost control and efficiency management.

      The scale at which large businesses use energy vastly differs from that of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Whether this is across multiple sites, many more staff or a much larger property, the energy needs of big companies outweighs that of any other sized firm. With this in mind, we’ve put together a summary of how to get the best electricity prices for large businesses.

      If you are large business energy user it doesn’t matter which source you use the most, it’s likely that one of your biggest overheads is the price you pay for energy. Which is why large business gas and electricity prices should be near the top of your agenda

      Comparing business energy quotes and going back-and-forth between suppliers takes a lot of time. Because it’s often not front-of-mind, business owners rarely take this into consideration. That’s where Green Energy Partners comes in. Our team of experts can do the leg work for you – we compare each tariff on the market and make sure you’re getting the very best deal you can. It is our aim to reduce the cost and stress of energy for your business.

      All you need to do is give us a call – our business savings experts will talk through your consumption habits and needs before searching the market, then present you with the best deals and advise on a tariff that suits you.

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        Query & Dispute Resolutions

        There’s really no need for you to deal directly with your energy supplier, sourcing the right contact details, hanging on the line, or being bamboozled by technical questions.

        As a Green Energy Partners customer, you have a dedicated account manager. And the most important part of their job description is to make your life easier.

        Our advice is simple: if you ever have any question about any aspect of your energy supply, no matter how small, ask us first – we love a challenge, and will almost always be able to help.

        If you have an ongoing dispute with an energy supplier, we can get it sorted. We have an unusually deep understanding about the market and the way providers work. So, we can quickly assess your situation and get to a resolution.

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          Feed-In Tariff

          In the current economic climate most businesses want to cut costs where possible – and choosing green energy is one of the best ways to do just that. 

          There’s also the opportunity to make money with green energy. Once you’ve installed your own renewable energy technology such as solar panels or wind turbines, you will be able to sell the energy you produce back to the National Grid.

          With the introduction of the Paris Agreement and various other national and global environmental requirements, countries have had to look at ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

          A business energy Feed-In Tariff allows businesses to sell back any surplus energy produced to grid. This is to lessen the dependence on energy imported from abroad and via unsustainable methods, such as the burning of fossil fuels. This means you can receive payments for generating and using your own electricity and sharing the energy you do not need.

          You will first need to decide on which type of renewable energy equipment is suitable for your site location, building type and consumption levels

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