LED Lighting & Solar

Lighting accounts for 20% of all the energy consumption in Ireland and a significant chunk of energy bills. 

It can also make up 40% of a building’s electricity bill, so any way to make that lighting more efficient can dramatically cut costs.

For organisations, including businesses of all sizes, schools and other institutions, that want a cheaper, instant and more environmentally-friendly way of lighting their premises, the latest generation Light Emitting Diode or LED lighting could be the answer. 

Man Solar Power Installing

Advantages of LED lights

LED lighting is more energy efficient, cost-effective and durable than existing standard filament, halogen and fluorescent strip lights. It can produce significant energy, cost and CO2 savings while improving the overall working environment, comfort and productivity.

LED lighting also has an extended lifespan, lasting up to 50,000 hours – approximately 17 years if used for eight hours per day.

At the same time, LED lighting, which is 95% recyclable, reduces an organisation’s carbon output by more than 80% and is environmentally friendly as it contains no mercury or polluting gases.

What are the costs?

LED lighting is several times more expensive in terms of up-front costs than conventional lighting. However on a whole life cost basis a very different story emerges and we have a number of financial models including one which requires NO up-front capital.

So many different industries are now seeing the benefits of changing to LED – Schools and Colleges, Manufacturing, Food, Construction etc.  

Contact us today and we’ll organise to have one of our energy consultants visit your site and carry out your free, no obligation LED lighting survey – detailing your current lighting running cost against the equivalent on LED using two thirds less wattage.

Solar Energy:

Your electricity bill is the 2nd largest financial commitment you will ever make, after your mortgage. Until now we haven’t had a choice but to commit ourselves to this lifelong, ever increasing, drain on our finances at the mercy of the energy company. But now we have a choice!

It is financially viable to take a huge step towards self-sustainability and make your own electricity from solar energy systems for a fraction of the cost that you will otherwise end up paying to the electricity company.

A solar PV system consists of roof mounted solar panels which generate electricity. You can also add a battery storage system to store any excess energy generated for use when the sun isn’t shining.

Man Installing Solar Panels

A 1kWp solar PV system would require 3 or 4 solar panels on your roof. The generated electricity feeds any electrical loads in your building, and any excess can be stored in a battery.

Enhance performance and increase your returns with Solar:

  • Cut your bills for electricity, oil, and gas
  • Use your solar generated electricity at night
  • Protect yourself from future energy price rises
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

The best way to find out how LED Lighting or Solar PV can benefit you is to contact us or request a call back. We will arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

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