Electricity & Gas procurement

Electricity & Gas procurement

Switching or Renewing your energy provider?

Energy use continues to be a major cost for most businesses. With 60% of businesses overpaying on their bills – Whether you are a high electricity user or a service-based office, electricity expenditure makes up a substantial proportion of your monthly running costs.

In line with energy shifts, our energy consultants can get exclusive rates by using our premier supplier pricing. Business electricity requires bespoke pricing and we offer an extensive range of competitive electricity packages to cater for different requirements. That’s why its important to work with energy specialists like Green Energy Partners when reviewing your yearly contracts in order to get the best deal for your electricty, natural gas, LPG and reneablibe energy services. 

Becoming a Green Energy Partner ensures a professional and efficient energy solution for your business, get in contact today and start your free energy review.

Our Process:

Green Energy Partners technology and processes allow us to gather and evaluate the best possible supply agreements—and craft and execute long-term energy strategies. We’re continuously monitoring the market to ensure your business maintains the best pricing and contract terms, and has the knowledge and insight to make informed decisions.





We continuously analyze your energy needs and evaluate your strategy against market conditions. We follow these steps:

Save Money

After we review your meter type and consumption we then compare the prices from all of the major suppliers. This ensures that you have the very best deal available.

Save Time

We deal and negotiate with many suppliers at once. While you have just one point of contact – us.

It’s Simple

We’ll manage the process for you if you decide to accept our recommendation. With minimal disruption to your business apart from a few signatures.

Ongoing support

Our team of highly skilled account managers, will continue to help you should you have any queries or would like us to check your bills as they arrive. We will also remind you before your next renewal with a list of the most competitive prices available in the market. Reducing the risk of rolling on to very high “deemed” out of contract rates.

Becoming a Green Energy Partner, ensures a professional and efficient energy solution for your business. Get in contact today and start your free energy review.

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