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Welcome to Green Energy Partners, an Irish company working with commercial customers and organisations to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Our process is simple. We look at how you use energy today and what you’ll need for tomorrow. By collating, analysing and matching your specific energy needs, we are able to unearth innovative energy efficiencies to save you money.

We do the necessary leg work to deliver a customised and optimised service to provide you with complete peace of mind.

1. Free review of current energy usage and on-site surveys

2. Outline of energy saving areas and renewable energy suitability

3. Plan implementation and cost savings

Electricity & Gas Procurement

LED Lighting & Solar

Energy Management

What Can We Do For Your Company

After your company indicates a willingness to participate in our procurement process, GreenEnergyPartners sends the energy load to our elite list of top-rated suppliers. We simplify the process by making commercial energy rates more price-competitive, accurate, and timely. In an industry where time can make or break a good deal, the ease of GEP’s energy procurement process improves your company’s bottom line by knowing when to lock in.

Finding the Right Plan For You!

Our energy consultants review all responses and recommend the best energy rates for you based on key factors like timing, contract terms, product structures, and market conditions.

Let’s Get Started

When working with Green Energy Partners, you receive clear guidance, not just a list of confusing choices. When your company approves a recommendation, GEP handles all the transactions and processes to effectively complete each and every relevant energy agreement.

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